Thursday, October 28, 2010

Quick World Series Game 2 analysis

The Texas Rangers might not be desperate but they be in a heap of trouble.

Matt Cain was "abel" to completely domninate Texas hitters - getting pop ups and easy fly balls when Texas had its scoring opportunities.
And the Rangers bullpen totally imploded tonight and must now be considered a major weakness. How can it be trusted going forward?
Too many walks, too many poor, wild pitches (again WHY is Mark Lowe and Michael Kirkman are on this WS staff???? Someone PLEASE tell me why??? And why there i NO right-handed long reliever???), too many cripple pitches.
The gamble to bench Vlad Guerrero (for defense), and Bengie Molina did not pay off; their bats were noticeably absent, especially Guerrero's. It was a problem before the Series started and has come (sadly) to fruition.
Now the Rangers' Series hope depends on one Colby Lewis ...not only must he win Saturday, but he has to pitch DEEP in the game in order to take it away from the struggling bullpen and get it to Neftali Feliz (the only Rangers pitcher NOT to throw in Games 1 or 2)
THAT will be tough Saturday. SF gets toplay its best OF defense, DH Burrell or Sandoval, while Texas will finally be back to normal at a place it has NOT defended well in the playoffs (just 2-3 at home).

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