Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Yankees appeared as done as overcooked pasta

I hate to admit it but the Texas Rangers, long the doormats of Dallas-Fort Worth sports, appear to be headed to the World Series for the first time in franchise history, dismantling an aged, slow, anemic New York Yankees team.
Texas is running, hitting and pitching better than the defending World Champions and deserve its place in destiny - so long as they don't choke in the next three games. And it seems unlikely.
The Yankees looked defeated and deflated when Mark Teixeira went down with his hamstring injury in the fourth inning of last night's game. The air went out of the stadium and linup and the Rangers literally pounced on the carcass - claws and antlers, et al.
I don't think they can beat the Phillies IF Philadelphia is playing to its capabilities (which it is NOT at the moment). Texas wants to end this affair tonight in order to have Cliff Lee for a maximum amount of starts in the World Series.
San Francisco is proving to be a tough squad to eliminate even if its starting lineup doesn't include a play - aside from catcher Buster Posey - that could start for the Phillies, Yankees OR Rangers (position by position). But that damn Giant pitching is hard as marble.
We;ll see what will happen next week. But for once, in Dallas, they won't be speaking good about the Cowboys (because that team sucks) - all eyes will be on the Rangers (much to Jerry Jones' envy).
The miracle lives on...

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