Saturday, October 23, 2010

Rangers memories

Passing along the post from a former Michigan Daily colleague, Rich Stuck, now in Florida, about the Texas (baseball) Rangers:

"Took a little trip down memory lane watching the game ... when I used to spend my summers in Dallas. I called the PR guy Burt Hawkins, told him I wrote for my college paper, and he gave me season press passes each year I was there at the old (Arlington) stadium.
“I'll never forget the night David Clyde made his debut or the look on owner Bob Short's face when a reporter counted out loud the number of people in the stands for an afternoon game in August.
“But the best is still (first Rangers manager) Ted Williams – he was so grateful that I was one of the few who showed every night to talk to him in his little office after the game ... he spent a lot of time teaching me how to tie fishing lures and flies.
“Yes, Chuck, the memories came flooding back last night; it was as if I had gone to my attic and found the urn that carries the ashes of my youth."

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