Thursday, February 11, 2010

The beauty of snow

What most Texans do NOT understand is that snow ... is beautiful. Not just to build snowmen, snow fortresses or for sledding (no skiing except near Mount Pleasant, I guess), but it has a calming effect when things go right.
For 24 hours, it has been perfect in Dallas and Plano. The snow fell straight down, not with the thrust of a blue nothern (or Dairy Queen) blizzard, but as if Mother Nature decided to lay a blanket upon North Texas, as if she was making a bed for a guest.
The light from the moon shines off the snow, illuminating everything and covering UP the darkness. And it instills a sense of quiet - a hush has fallen across the landscape.
When I was in college at the University of Michigan, and when such evenings brought this kind of winter wonderland, it was the very best place to be - to walk along State Street and hear the crunching of the snow beneath your boots or golashes (Texans know zilch about them). As flakes fell, the street lights would make each flake appear to be a summertime firefly.
As I peer out my front door onto my street, it looks just like that - all lawns, roofs, houses and cars are under that blanket.
And it feels just fine to me.

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