Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Not only is she stupid, she's dangerous

Not only is Sarah Palin a stupid "hairhead," strictly in politics for the money, honey, but she borders on dangerous. In her Sunday "interview" with Fox News Sunday, this dolt actually advocated attacking Iran and sending troops to defend Israel (all part of her uber-fundamentalist religious mindspeak that endangers the very fabric of the nation), saying it would be in President Obama's FAVOR to proceed along those lines.
Really? Is she THAT ignorant? Perhaps, but she IS that dense.
Anyone who has to give a speech with "cheat sheet" notes written on her palm, and then has the audacity to attack someone for delivering a complex speech with a teleprompter deserves nothing but spite hurled at her.
Sadly, she has a following of like-minded dolts, simpletons who want to regress this nation to its former days of ignorance (including the destruction of actual science in favor of dogmatic nonsense) and segregation (out with all the non-white people).
She reflects the absolute worse in all of us and why so many people cannot stand politics anymore. It's all about her instead of being all about us.
If you honestly support Sarah Palin, you seriously need to sit down and examine your inner beliefs as to why.
She's a boob with boobs and neither are all that goddamn impressive!

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