Monday, February 08, 2010

Run, Sarah, run ... PLEASE!

The most rock solid prediction that can be made in advance is this: President Obama will be guaranteed (repeat, lead pipe lock) a second term if the Republicans nominate Sarah Palin as its candidate for president in 2012. In fact, it should be the Democrats funding her campaign war chest to see such an occurence happens.
She is the single most dunderheaded dolt EVER to emerge on the national political stage. She tries to substitute the folksy "You betcha" attitude for knowledge, of which she possesses nothing between her ears.
If a single person, with an iota of intelligence, believes her Saturday speech to the so-called Tea Party (is that Lipton or Tetley?) will launch her star, they are either blind or stupid. Sorry, but es la verdad (it's the truth) as they say closer to Brownsville, Texas.
She knows nothing, talks about nothing except to toss a few poorly worded barbs in front of right-wing, white-wing meateaters who think it's cute to incorrectly use words like "socialism," "communism" and "dictator" when speaking about the Obama administration.
Her most quoted portion of the speech came concerning the arrest of the Detroit underwear bomber (was that Jcokey or Fruit of the Loom ... er.... LOON), who has been made to be THE MOST DANGEROUS MAN WHO EVER LIVED instead of a screwed-up student who couldn't thread a needle if he tried. Sarah wanted him flogged and tortured (that could have been accomplished by forcing the guy to listen to hear for 36 hours straight). However, the Justice Department, following the EXACT legal procedure used by the previous administration when Richard Reed, the shoebomber, was stopped trying to do the same damn thing.
In fact, the Republican indignation is laughable. Not a WORD, not one fucking syllable, was uttered back then when he was caught, read his rights and tried in court.
But short memories and politics seem to wipe away congent thoughts.
As for her "hotness???" Puh-lese, Betty White looked better in the Snickers commercial last night. Sarah Palin is a media whore - she takes money to be seen and perform. She should be introduced to the sea chanty, "Pay Me My Money Now."
And how WAS that tanning bed installed in the Alaska capital for her use? She's as white trash as it comes and is attracting the same, drooling crowd where men judge her on their own MILF factor instead of actual leadership.
She's a dollar sniffer and does ANYTHING she can to get it, including selling out her home state by quitting the governership in order to cash in on her 15-minutes of fame.
Only the Republicans will stretch that until 2012. Good luck. Democrats are smiling at the prospect.

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