Thursday, February 11, 2010

The great blizzard of 2010

It's been snowing here in suburban Dallas (Plano), TEXAS, since around midnight and is forecast to snow until midnight tonight/early Friday AM. Expected to see 8-9 inches of white stuff, although it hasn't started to freeze ... YET. That will take place later when the sun and temperatures go down.
The morning commute could be dicey but I imagine much of the icy roads willclear by afternoon when the sun comes back out and it gets above freezing. It will melt in 48 hours and that's OK by me.
HOWEVER, the place is going nutso. One TV station has been on the air with a constant news report about ... SNOW since noon.
Still, I gotta admit, it's quite a sight watching REAL snow fall here (not enough in VANCOUVER, though). Steady, big flakes, and hard. It's a sight for these poor old Michigander eyes!

Funny thing, up North (where I originated), there would have already been an army of snow shovelers for hire (I was among them at 12 years of age), but no one - not one young male-type person - is that enterprising here in Plano. I guess parents pay better than actual WORK!
And for you climate change doubters who think making "how's this for global warming? Ha! Ha!" jokes is really funny, it's BECAUSE of climate change that El Nino is the cause of these wicked storms all over the place. You dial up the temperature of the oceans, and stir up MORE moisture into the atmosphere and alter the flow of El Nino and ... bing! bang! boom! ... you get these freakish snow storms on the East Coast and in TEXAS, and mudslides in Southern California due to torrential, unending downpours.
Trust me, to many people, it ain't funny!

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